Recommended Websites

As we all know, not everything we find on the internet is accurate. We have compiled the following list of web resources because we find them to be reliable and informative. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for additions to the list.

Pet Emergency

Pet Health

General – Dogs, Cats, And More
Birds, Exotics, And Pocket Pets
Dental Disease
  • Pet Dental Care – a web site that explains how dental disease can cause pain and health problems in pets and what you can do.
Weight Loss

With so many pet foods available it can be overwhelming to select the best food for your pet. Unfortunately with the large number of pet food manufacturers competing for consumers there are many misleading and incorrect advertisements in the media and on the internet. Our doctors recommend the following brands due to their long history, excellent reputation, and dedication to research and quality control

There are many myths and incorrect claims and statements found in pet food advertisements on the internet and on TV. Some pet food makers are trying to fool the public in order to profit in the lucrative and competitive pet food market. The following articles will help you become better informed about the best way to feed your pets.

Animal Parasites – Fleas, Ticks, Heart Worms, And  Intestinal Parasites
Reliable Product Information
Anesthesia Safety
Dog Training

On Command Dog Training – Becky Hendrickson is our recommended trainer. She holds group and individual training classes on the Peninsula. She can be reached at 757-846-4404. Check out her website

Pet Grooming

Our kennel staff provides general grooming to include bathing, flea treatment, ear cleaning, and nail trims. Contact us at 757-826-7602 for an appointment.

Bob Howell performs professional grooming (styling haircuts to match the breed) for small breed dogs at Todds Lane Veterinary Hospital-
call 757-826-7602 for an appointment.

Stacey at Pampered Pooches performs professional grooming  (styling haircuts to match the breed) dogs of all sizes and breeds. Her shop is located at 10190 C Warwick Blvd. in the Hilton area. Call 757-759-4175 for an appointment. Mention that we recommended her to you on our web site.

Pet Loss

Wildlife Support

Wildlife Response – a local wildlife rehabilitation service that you can call if you find an injured or orphaned wild animal.
Wildlife of Virginia
– An excellent wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center located in Weyers Cave, VA close to Harrisonburg.

Our Referral Specialists

Animal Related Organizations

Pet Adoption
Local Organizations
Other Recommended Organizations

Pet Insurance  And Payment Plans