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Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is the gold standard for many procedures in human surgery, yet is still in its infancy in veterinary surgery. Todds Lane Veterinary Hospital offers this cutting edge surgery to its clients due to the benefits and low risks of these procedures. Minimally invasive surgery is not just about small wounds. Correctly applied, minimally invasive surgery techniques results in a safer surgery, with lower risks, and excellent outcomes. Laparoscopes use a telescoping rod and lenses that are attached to a camera and lights to view inside the body cavity. Veterinary surgeons report better visualization of the internal organs and reduced chances of hemorrhage when laparoscopes are used.

Surgeries that are considered “routine” by pet owners and veterinarians, such as spaying a female dog or cat, are now considered good candidates for the laparoscope. Our veterinarians are not only using this revolutionary new tool for spays, but as an aid to help diagnose disease. The doctor is able to biopsy internal organs with laparoscopic surgery and the procedure often requires no more than sedation and a local anesthetic. Previous protocols for biopsies demand general anesthetic and a prolonged recovery time. With some laparoscopic biopsies, the patient is often ready to go home that day!

If your doctor recommends laparoscopic surgery for your pet, Todds Lane Veterinary Hospital will be happy to provide more information on this cutting edge service.